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Not only a rare plant with amazing properties and valuable natural compounds, but a rare investment opportunity.


Find out how to be one of the first distributors and outlets for the teas and other products that are ALREADY in high demand.


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How it all started

The story behind the founding of pure rudi products

Pure Rudi Fun Facts

It's Rare

We are the exclusive grower and provider of this plant in North America.

It's Pure

We continually strive to make the highest quality products, proven with independent lab results.

It's Loved

It is our mission at Pure Rudi to produce the best possible ingriedients for our products.

Deep Sleep

Stick to a schedule! Our sleeping habits have a huge impact on our energy, attitude, and overall health.

Live Free

Get out there! We encourage our Pure Rudi family to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

Full Relax

Take some you time! If you are experiencing stress or anxiety we recommend finding your happy place.

Our Products


Infused with eucalyptus our cream is developed with only high quality natural ingredients.


Extracted and tested with the highest quality and care our product is over 99% pure.


Brewed fresh from our Pure Rudi leaves, this light blend is pure and gentle.

How It Works

A look into the process behind growing the best possible plants.


All of our plants are individually monitored and cared for, every hour, every day.


Our Hydroponics system monitors and adjusts to fulfill
the specific needs of each plant.


Our plants are submitted for frequent independent lab tests to verify our quality standards.

A Look Inside

An insight into the quality and care provided to our plants.


What People are Saying


Wow! As someone who suffers from chronic nerve pain and struggles with insomnia, Pure Rudi Tea has been amazing. I am able to sleep soundly through the night with no pain! Highly recommend, this product really works!

– Jordan Sheets

“Strongly Recommend”

I have tried several of the PureRudi products – a tea, a cream, and most recently, a tincture. Each has had some positive impact on me. While I believe that I still require chiropractic or orthopedic care, the PureRudi products have helped me to get rest and sleep and they’ve certainly provided some level of pain relief by reducing inflammation.

I can strongly recommend PureRudi and their products.“

– Eric Johnson

“Best Treatment”

My name is Judith and I have MS. Pure Rudi has been the best treatment. The cream is anti-inflammatory and helps grant movement to my right hand again. The new tincture, when taken in 1/4 tsp nightly, grants a bit more strength and flexibility to my legs. Great products!

– Judith

“Instant Relief”

I have been in health care for 42 years. This is an amazing product that really works.. I recently had shoulder surgery and was in alot of pain. I applied This cream to my shoulder. I felt instant relief and was able to move my arm and put a shirt on without help. I highly recommend this product.

– Brenda Galluzzo

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