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FALLSTON, MD, USA– Pure Rudi, LLC. announces the launch of their company as they introduce to the US market a rare plant that provides a rich source of sought-after natural ingredients for food production, pharmaceuticals, and new stand-alone health-related products. 

The company has exclusive US rights to grow, process, and produce the plant into raw material.  Trademarked as “Rudi Oil”, the raw material from this rare plant is an organic, non-synthetic, non-opioid, non-GMO natural catalyst with robust palliative properties that will be used in applications such as teas, topical creams, tinctures, salves, lotions, and supplements. 

Extended research indicates that it aids in the reduction of pain, discomfort and frequency for the following partial list of maladies and health challenges: arthritis, neuralgia, inflammation, burns, bruises, Crohn’s disease, bursitis, depression, opioid addiction, nausea, chemotherapy, radiation, menstrual pains, tumors, anxiety, psoriasis, viral infections, joint pain, fever, and cancer. 

Pure Rudi, LLC has developed a system for the successful production of Rudi Oil, which is loaded with not only terpenes, but complex natural medicinal compounds. Starting with a rare and naturally propagating seed, Pure Rudi, LLC has selected and vetted five professional and state-Licensed independent growers in Maryland. 

Each Grower is required to have the capacity to organically grow the plants indoors to protect plant purity, and is expected to produce three thousand plants each, every forty-five (45) days, year-round. Those plants and roots will be processed into the raw material, Rudi Oil, which will be purchased by pharmaceutical companies, food product firms, and health product companies.

After extensive research and travel to many continents, founder and President Dan Galluzzo discovered this previously ignored rare plant, and the value it brings from the high concentration of its natural compounds.

“This is a rare occurrence in the essential field of medicinal agriculture,” says Founder and President Dan Galluzzo.  “We look forward to sharing the progress of our production and the announcing of the hundreds of products within which it will be used. Made in the USA, we are part of the beginning of a new and vibrant industry.” 

For more information and an interesting interview, visit or contact Dan Galluzzo directly at  or call at 443-617-8140.

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