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FALLSTON, MD, USA– Pure Rudi, LLC. announces their partnership with a local Maryland smart farm greenhouse run by the Bauer brothers. The two companies have been working together to produce the most abundant root system and shortest growing time for the rare Russian plant that they are introducing to the US market.

The Bauers are state-licensed independent growers located in rural northern Maryland, and they are well-known in the area for fresh and cut flowers and food crops grown and harvested by skilled local professionals.

The Bauer brother’s greenhouses use sensor networks and environmental modeling to more accurately apply irrigation and nutrients to sprouting plants. Using high tech monitors and watering systems, they achieve the maximum plant attributes and shorten the maturation time by a considerable amount. 

Pure Rudi will process the rare Russian plant into raw materials that will be used to produce teas, topical creams, tinctures, salves, lotions, and supplements. Trademarked as ‘Rudi Oil’, the raw material from this rare plant is an organic, non-synthetic, non-opioid, non-GMO natural catalyst with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. of Rudi oil is rich in terpenes and other complex natural medicinal compounds.  

The next round of planting will produce 3000 mature plants in approximately 45 days. The plants are grown organically indoors to protect plant purity. Those plants and roots will be processed into the raw material which will be made locally into consumer products, and also purchased by pharmaceutical companies, food product firms, and health product companies.

For more information and an interesting interview, visit or contact Dan Galluzzo, founder and CEO directly at  or call at 443-617-8140.

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