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What People are Saying


Wow! As someone who suffers from chronic nerve pain and struggles with insomnia, Pure Rudi Tea has been amazing. I am able to sleep soundly through the night with no pain! Highly recommend, this product really works!

– Jordan Sheets

“Strongly Recommend”

I have tried several of the PureRudi products – a tea, a cream, and most recently, a tincture. Each has had some positive impact on me. While I believe that I still require chiropractic or orthopedic care, the PureRudi products have helped me to get rest and sleep and they’ve certainly provided some level of pain relief by reducing inflammation.

I can strongly recommend PureRudi and their products.“

– Eric Johnson

“Best Treatment”

My name is Judith and I have MS. Pure Rudi has been the best treatment. The cream is anti-inflammatory and helps grant movement to my right hand again. The new tincture, when taken in 1/4 tsp nightly, grants a bit more strength and flexibility to my legs. Great products!

– Judith

“Instant Relief”

I have been in health care for 42 years. This is an amazing product that really works.. I recently had shoulder surgery and was in alot of pain. I applied This cream to my shoulder. I felt instant relief and was able to move my arm and put a shirt on without help. I highly recommend this product.

– Brenda Galluzzo

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